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How to place an order

BEES will suggest products from your past orders in the Regulars section

You can scroll through Regulars to choose the items and quantities you want to order. As you browse Regulars, you can add quantities to truck.

If you cannot find the products you’re looking for, use the search bar or category navigation tiles

You can also choose to view your previous order by clicking ‘View Entire Order’

Once you’ve finished building your order, select the “My Delivery” truck icon in the bottom right hand corner to view your delivery

Confirm that your order is correct. Discounted prices will be highlighted in green.

Include your delivery information and any additional order instructions

Once your order is finalized, either click submit order, or click the ‘Select Delivery Date’ button at the bottom of the page if there are multiple delivery days available to you.

Confirm your delivery date from the calendar. Dates in blue are your available delivery days.

Scroll through the calendar to choose future weeks. Dates that are grayed out are unavailable.

Complete your order by clicking on the ‘Submit Order’ button

You will receive an email notification confirming that your order has been received.